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Three Quick Ways To Learn Dental Helps.

Why they come to us and then one of my  big things is we give an hour for hygiene  my office and some doctors are looking to try to strengthen you know make it  shorter and shorter and assisted hygiene and well we’re only seeing our clients  sometimes twice a year in that time the doctors only in there ten minutes right so you’re only seeing your clients   minutes they’re only in our office two hours out of the year.

We need to think about that every time they’re in it’s our time to remind them again how great  we are and how amazing this dental office is dental helps and why they come to us because if we’re not reminding them that we’re trying to rush them through and more about the numbers in the bottom  line then the patient’s going to go somewhere else you know or or minimally they’re just not going to refer to us they’re gonna just you know not think about sending people our way you know we  need to make sure that we’re prioritizing that through every through the entire relationship with a patient from beginning that absolutely and how do you get started with introducing.

 That’s a  wider issue than just you know making sure we answer the phones well how do you and I tell a lot of people that I feel like this is more than just a you know just a one-time conversation but how do you get that introduced to attain  you well and in my videos every single one of my videos whenever and I do one day trainings and I speak and everything the the biggest thing I think is missing and I said this earlier is the pins the staff doesn’t understand the why why is  this important right Instagram so the first thing too one of my first things that I talk about with my new employees and my teams and on my videos is that we have to think.

 What we do for a living we we sell drills and needles in patients mouths and they’re gonna pay us  thousands of dollars and nobody’s ever gonna see the work and half the time it didn’t hurt before you before you started so we’re not selling something people want it’s not it would be weird for a patient to come in and be like oh I can’t wait right it’s just we don’t sell something fun but we are their  health care provider we sell something we give them something that’s going to help them live longer and live a better life.