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Which you are just cash flowing houses the cash flow from your houses will start to buy their own houses compounding houses right so that is option number one option number two you could use .

This money to make a down payment on some bigger rental units so if you save up a hundred and twenty thousand dollars now you’ve got a thirty percent down payment on a four hundred thousand dollar property .

Well for four hundred thousand you could buy a duplex or a triplex so in one year you could get two or three doors financed rather than just one door in cash so that’s option number two option number three you mentioned

That you have a business that is bringing in $, a month forty-eight thousand a year which if you think about it is almost half of what you’re making at your day job so I’m assuming if you look at

Time relative to compensation I’m assuming that you’ve spend more than twice as much time maybe four times as much time or five times as much time at your day job than you do at your side hustle and yet

The income from your side hustle is almost half that of your day job well then in terms of compensation relative two hours it sounds as though your side hustle brings in more